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Feb 28, 2014 10:00am EST
. so i can ge think is a certaintt bsa will be signed. the issue with their president karzai signed or not is irrelevant. we need to plan effectively for him not signing it and moving forward. i truly hope that any of the costs that the ambassador dobbins mentioned might occur if there is a delay or mitigated very effectively by the great planning capacity that the military, state department and agencies have. i personally don't believe there's any neethereis any needr cost as long as we keep our eye on the long game at the topic of the panel. in returning to the topic of the afghan security forces, which i have visited afghanistan about 20 or 30 times and lived there for a couple of years when andrew and alex and i were working on afghanistan in the earlier decade. the afghan security forces have to determine this job. a year ago, we turned over to weave security responsibilities to the afghan security forces. at that time, and many people outside of afghanistan in the u.s. government, u.s. intelligence agencies for example, predicted that that would not be a very good success. but th
Feb 26, 2014 2:00pm EST
in the bottle and the ge nie is already halfway out. at a minimum i would ask this -- why can't we vote on it? if we're wrong, debate us on it. but why can't we vote on it? since when has the senate become a place run by one person on a matter of this importance and magnitude? since when has the senate become controlled by one person's opinion? are you telling me the people of florida that i represent do not deserve the right to be represented and heard as much as the people of nevada or any other state here? are you saying that an issue of this importance, one individual should have the power to basically say we will have no debate when 59 members of this body in a place where it's tough to get 51 votes on anything have expressed a strong opinion they favor this? why can't we have this debate? isn't that what the senate was designed to be, a place where the great issues of our time could be debated and fleshed out before the eyes of the american public and the world? but we're being told consistently we can't have this debate and we're not going to do it. why? why can't we debate
Feb 28, 2014 4:00pm EST
lost my mind. i knew i was potentially going to be in ge the whole lotta crow when i got no. when i prepared to go to the rally the morning and looked out of my window to fund this is not part of my prepared comments, but i'm swept up in the. and mcdonnell my window and saw this see of red, white, and blue shirts walking down into what became just a current that led to long the capitol, millions. ladies and gentlemen, that does not happen but by the hand of god. we are to fund we have been called here for a very high purpose. we could have been born at any time, we have been chosen to be born that this time because we have a job to do. the me tell you, if the american dream is to be preserved and will be because citizens are willing to take a stand and preserved ideals that transcend politics. it is not -- [applause] it is not about republican and democrat because we need to parties, debate, open discourse. that is healthy. what has changed is that we used have this common center. please to have a common center where we believe in the ideas of freedom and opportunity and faith. some
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3